Fire Safety Audit

Fire Safety Audit

Besides providing trained and experienced Fire & Safety personnel, our core strength is in the area of Fire Safety Audit and providing solutions for Audit observations compliance for system improvement.

Fire Safety Audit is a serious business and should be undertaken by highly qualified & professional team. Our team possesses 30-35 years of rich experience in the field of Fire Safety Management.

The audits are conducted as per the International/national standards, like Factories Act (Rule), NFPA, OISD, BIS 144489-1998, NBC (Fire Load) etc. also depending upon the specific requirement of the client / organization.

In course of Audit process, we normally cover all major elements of Fire & Safety Systems, including:

  • Fire Risk Management - General
  • Fixed Fire-Suppression Equipment
  • Portable Fire-Suppression Equipment
  • Mobile Fire-Suppression Equipment
  • Fire & Gas Detection and Employee Alarm System
  • Control of Fuels and Other Hazardous Materials
  • Physical Hazard, Chemical Hazard and Fire & Explosion Hazard
  • Accident / Incident reporting, Investigation & Analysis.
  • Emergency Preparedness (On Site / Off Site).
  • Safety Inspection

Based on the Fire Safety audit observations of the site, system improvement plan is recommended. We also help organisations in preparing “On Site/Off-Site Emergency Plan” &, carrying out “Capability Assessment” of Emergency Response Team to suggest improvement plan.

In addition, we have collaboration with reputed Fire & Safety Institutes in the country to supplement our requirement time to time assuring our best qualitative services!

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